Forging our way forward as part of the Kincentric Leadership Program -Weaving humanity back into the web of life –

Selected from a pool of over 100 leaders, Guayana Paez-Acosta is part of the Kincentric Leadership Program launched in 2023 as an experimental global initiative that seeks to weave humanity back into the web of life. The first cohort’s meeting took place in the US state of Colorado at the Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center with the magnificent Rocky Mountains as a backdrop for a week of personal and group work that included meditation, silence, personal practice, invited guest speakers, indigenous-led ceremonies and a solo day out in the forest to favour encounters with other Earth Beings.

Human life is not sustained by its own power. Nature gives birth to human beings and keeps them alive. This is the relation in which people stand to nature. People do not create food, nature bestows it upon us. Masanobu Fukuoka.

Kincentric Leadership is an experimental field that places direct collaboration with the more than human world at the heart of all interventions, strategy, culture and ways of working. It asks that we include radically other ways of being, learn from multiple forms of intelligence, and that we use our influence to move towards a shared purpose of reciprocal respect, dignity and mutual thriving. Through 2023 and 2024 other cohorts have been formed following Retreats in Findhorn,Scotland; Auroville, India; Devon, England. To date, the 80 member Kincentric Leaders Group organized in curiosity circles explore the deeper meanings of kincentrism in their work both as a collective and individually.

Knowing that you love the earth changes you, activates you to defend and protect and celebrate.  But when you feel that the earth loves you in return, that feeling transforms the relationship from a one-way street into a sacred bond.”  Robin Wall Kimmerer. To learn more about Kincentrism and the Kincentric Leadership Program, visit