We strive to be courageous and deliberate in our work.

We embrace spiraling innovation for increased resilience to unfold as the path to help restore a more harmonious life at the individual and collective levels.

We follow our work mission and remain flexible by taking on the roles that best serve the alliances we are part of.


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    A team of entrepreneurs ready to actively engage and carry out collaborative work within Athena Initiatives scope.
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    A team of service-oriented people committed to crafting and delivering the best service to support your work and to amplify its impact.

So that, TOGETHER, we may be part of the changes necessary for a more sustainable future.

Our initiatives are unique in their approach and offer a suite of services:

  • Advisory & consultancy in strategy and alliance building for collective action
  • Collaborative Program & Project Design
  • Strategic and Program support along the implementation phase as deemed appropriate.
  • Documentary/film concept design and development
  • Crafting of storylines
  • Impact strategy design and implementation
  • Collaborative action-oriented research
  • Program & project design
  • On-the-ground co-implementation
  • Alliance building for collective action
  • Resource mobilization
  • Development of a tailored-to-purpose tools package for increased individual and collective resilience.
  • Facilitating the enabling conditions for individual and collective work

We long to live in and leave a more just, at peace, and sustainable world