Guayana’s genius is the quality of radiant warmth and joy she brings to their encounters with others and the strength of her personal commitment to being on a path of peace and well-being. As a leader, Guayana possesses the knowledge, confidence, and capacity to guide and support others with sincerity and care — which is especially needed in this time of heartbreak in our world”. –Kelly Miller, Ph.D.  Associate Dean for Learning and Research Services, Director of Mindfulness and Well-Being Programs, University of Miami.

Providing strategic administrative support directly to the owner and CEO of a multimillion dollar portfolio, alongside with all C-suite positions, certainly demands a lot of my time and energy. To balance this, I consider Guayana’s two weekly sessions an essential part of my week. Love her! She is truly one of the best teachers I’ve come across during the years of practice. Each class is unique and has people with different abilities and she ensures the class flows for all. I’ve noticed improvement in posture, strength and flexibility since attending her classes. Highly recommend her to anyone, at any level, looking for restorative, natural practices”.- Verónica

“Leadership is fundamental for the proper operation of Territorial Foundations and supporting organizations, and we made the right decision by working with Athena Lab’s Conscious Leadership Program. We are at an incubating stage, and there is no doubt that we need to be well inside, so that our dreams can then be more visionary and powerful and our creations more impactful”. –Carolina González, General Director, Evaluar Consultores

You need to attend these mindful sessions; they are the best part of my days. Everything was perfect. Guayana is the best teacher, so gentle and kind”. –Daiana Gavilan, Faculty Assistant at the Law School, University of Miami

Natural Practices’ Yoga as offered by Guayana has been a discovery and a great experience. I have experienced sensations in my body that I had never felt before. Now, I return to the present more easily, and I solve conflicts in my mind“. –Eva Moreno, Flautist

I loved all aspects of the Breathe and Be sessions. The practice was so beautiful. I had never done breathwork before and it was really interesting and helpful. I feel very calm and relaxed after the session, and it really helps my home practice too”. –University of Miami faculty member